5 November 2018

NFX Reports Metrics Through October 2018 Trading Events

Starting with the inaugural Natural Fibre Exchange (NFX) trading event on 22 May, twelve trading events have occurred fortnightly, most recently 23 October.

Three to six sellers have offered lots across the trading events, and three to seven buyers have submitted bids across the trading events. The number of winning buyers has ranged from three to six.

The number of lots offered has ranged from 37 to 66, with offered nett kg ranging from 109,997 to 253,120 kg. Across all trading events, 90 percent of the offered lots and 90 percent of the offered nett kg have sold.

Summary results for NFX trading events can be found on the NFX Information Website at www.naturalfibreexchange.com/Results/ResultsSummary.aspx and detailed results for each trading event can be found at www.naturalfibreexchange.com/Results.aspx. To receive automated emails with the latest news and results, click on “Sign up for email alerts” on the home page here: www.naturalfibreexchange.com.

About the Natural Fibre Exchange
Natural Fibre Exchange is an online platform established to connect buyers and sellers, providing trusted and transparent market-based reference prices, as well as an efficient selling and buying mechanism for wool and other natural fibre products sourced from New Zealand and other supply markets longer term.

How it works
All products in a trading event are on offer simultaneously over multiple rounds of bidding and continuing until there is a round with no new bids. NFX is open to all industry parties and service providers who meet the requirements of the NFX Participation Agreement to be a seller and/or a buyer. As a buyer you also must have pre-approval from a seller to bid on that seller′s products. For more information or to register go to the NFX information site at www.naturalfibreexchange.com.

Rosstan Mazey, NFX spokesperson
+64 21 402 411, rosstan.mazey@woolsnz.com

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