Natural Fibre Exchange is the globally connected marketplace for wool

Welcome to the Information Website for the Natural Fibre Exchange (NFX) trading platform. The platform has been established to connect buyers and sellers, provide trusted and transparent market-based reference prices, and enhance market efficiency for wool and other natural fibre products sourced from New Zealand and other supply markets.

CRA International, world experts in trading platforms, have developed the simple trading process underlying the NFX platform and operate the platform as the Trading Manager independent of sellers and buyers.

This Information Website is intended for the use by potential and existing buyers and suppliers interested in learning more about the NFX trading platform. If you are not a Registered User of this Website and would like to subscribe to news items and updates or would like to submit a question to the Trading Manager, click here to register.

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A global shop-front for natural fibres, starting with NZ Wool. An online trading platform that over time will bring together buyers and sellers across the globe.


The NFX Bidding Website enables a fair and competitive marketplace in which natural fibres are bought and sold at market-based prices.


NFX is a separate entity, and uses an independent Trading Manager to conduct the trading process. This ensures an independent and neutral transactional price discovery process to support buyer and seller relationships.
Results from the latest Trading Event
Event 147: 9 April 2024
# Offered lots from 2 sellers: 8
Sold lots: 3 (37.5%)
Clean-basis kg offered: 26,129 kg
Clean-basis kg sold: 5,605 kg (21.5%)
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The next Trading Event is
Event 148: 23 April 2024
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NFX Reports Metrics Through March 2024 Trading Events
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Summary results are reported through trading event TE-146, which took place on 26 March 2024.
NFX Reports Metrics Through February 2024 Trading Events
Friday, 1 March 2024
Summary results are reported through trading event TE-144, which took place on 27 February 2024.
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